Rashmi Ranjan

The Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Odisha has introduced an aspirational curriculum at the secondary level. 

According to a notification issued by the BSE, the aspirational components of this curriculum are--Book Review, Project Work, Information Technology (IT) skills and Co-curricular Activities.

To strengthen student participation in these aspirational areas, a student-led club system is being established across all secondary schools in the state, the notification read. 

Students Clubs are small learning communities, equipping students to learn, adapt and enhance various skills and behaviours.

Along with attracting students with similar interests, clubs also encourage a spirit of building skills and healthy competition with collaboration, constantly motivating the students to find specialised areas of interest.

School Clubs:

With an aim to nurture the students for future-ready skills, it is decided to introduce four clubs in the secondary schools.

Jigyansa – Science, Nature & Culture Exploration Club

Sahitya Srujani – Literary & Artistic Club

Kaushali – Computing (ICT) & Social Innovation Club

Kridangan – Sports and life skill development Club

The clubs will comprise a pilot, co-pilot, a mentor, two class/section representatives and the student members.

A teacher, nominated by the headmaster, will function as the mentor and guide the students as per the requirements of the club.