Rashmi Ranjan

If you are creative, you can turn the waste into wonders. And, Bijay Kamila from Udala area of Odisha's  Mayurbhanj district has proved it.

Kamila, a bike mechanic by profession, has built the replica of the iconic Dakota aircraft of former Chief Minister Biju Patnaik using coconut shells and is now garnering praises from all quarters.

The replica of the Dakota aircraft, which measures 3 feet 6 inches, was built using coconut shells only and it took almost two months to give the shape to the craft.

“I have made many crafts using coconut shells and received many awards. I had plans to build Dakota. For this, I collected two to three sacks of coconut shells and began my work,” Kamila said.

After collecting the coconut shells, Kamila cut them into pieces of desired shapes and sizes. Then he used glue to paste them to give it Dakota’s shape.

Moreover, Kamila has placed Biju Babu in the pilot seat of his creation and wishes to present the replica of the Dakota aircraft to Odisha Chief Minister, if allowed.
Not just Dakota, Kamila has crafted several show pieces using coconut shells and grabbing the attention for his unique skill.

“He (Kamila) has spent hours building the replica of the Dakota aircraft. Being his neighbour, I visited his house several times when he was making the craft. I was amazed to see the final outcome,” said Laxmikant Nayak.

  • Reported by:
  • Manas Pani