Cassian Baliarsingh

The popular JD Institute of Fashion Technology on Saturday hosted its Annual Design Awards to celebrate the remarkable work of its fashion and interior design students.

Like every year, the annual awards programme this year featured an array of runway shows where students showcased their collections. This year's theme was ‘Arrival’.

Litisha Mangat Panda, Head of Business Development, OTV, who graced the occasion, answered a few questions and encouraged the students with her inspiring words.

 “I’m definitely very thrilled to be here. When I walked in, the kind of energy this environment brings in and that JD Institute brings in is truly infectious. I’m walking out of this event as an inspired individual. I’m mind-blown by the efforts of the students who are very flamboyant and dashing,” she said.

On design education in Odisha, Litisha said, “Odisha has seen a growth in design education and the students here can partner and collaborate with a lot of artisans, local craftsmen and businesses. Odisha is a place of culture and heritage and there is no better place than learning design education here.”

Sharing the success mantra, Litisha said, “Well, as an entrepreneur, I have a deep appreciation for innovation, dedication, disruption, zeal, processes, and standard chaos and this show was everything. For all the students, I want to say do not shy away from being audacious, because audacious are the ones that survive.”

Litisha further said, “Build a life that you don’t need a vacation from. So, I have personally taken that as my mantra. I love what I do and I do what I love. As I said, hard work is very glamorous and I rely on my hard work for success to follow. But, the mantra is simple – build a life that you don’t need vacation from.”

Rupal Dalal, Managing Director of JD Institute said, “I’m extremely proud and happy that my students are designing garments, clothes, and interior designs based on solutions required for all the ‘problems’ in the future. The theme of our programme this year is ‘ARRIVAL’.”

“The students have made their designs keeping in mind all the challenges and problems of the future. So, I would like to wish all the best to all the students,” she added.

Similarly, Vishal Subudhi, Centre Director JD Institute said, “We are very happy because this programme is being conducted after a gap of three years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, we are also releasing the trailer of ‘T’, a movie based on the life of a transgender that had participated in Bombay Festival and many other foreign festivals.”


(Reported by Niranjan Reddy, OTV)