Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

In a shocking incident, a first-year male student of a private University allegedly ended his life during a video call with his lover on Tuesday.

As per reports, the student hailing from Jajpur was studying Masters in Computer Application (MCA) in the varsity in Sandhapur area of Cuttack. He was residing in a rented house in the area. 

As informed by the landlord, a girl came in search of him and knocked on the door of the victim's room. 

However, when no one responded for a long time from the inside, they looked out for him through the window and found him hanging from the ceiling of the room.

It is suspected that the boy was on a live video call as his laptop was found open when his body was recovered.

"The University student was residing in our house as a tenant. He was a polite and well-behaved boy and had no issues till date. Today afternoon, he returned to the room after his classes and was speaking with someone over the phone. The door of his room was open when we left the house,” said Jeetendra Kumar Behera, the landlord.

“Suddenly, we got information that a girl, with whom probably the boy was in a relationship, came in search of him. By then, the boy had closed the door and windows of his room. The girl was continuously knocking on the door of his room but no one responded. It was then when we tried to open the window and found him hanging,” he further added.