Mrunal Manmay Dash

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to tighten its noose around its employees who arrive at the office late.

In a stern message to its employees, BMC has warned to mark such employees as ‘Absent’ who arrive at the BMC office more than 15 minutes late.

“All Staff whether Regular, DLR, CLR, Contractual, Outsourcing and Consultants working within Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation shall ensure reaching Office within 9:45 A.M - 10:15 A.M on each working day positively. Any delay from the scheduled time beyond 15 minutes i.e. after 10:30 A.M shall be marked as "ABSENT' and treated as ‘No Work No Pay’,” read a BMC order.

Providing the reason behind the stern action, the BMC further said, “The Government of Odisha has envisaged core fundamentals of 5T to be followed by every government functionaries within the state as a part of their policy towards sustainable and all-inclusive development of the State. Under these 5T fundamentals, time is one of the key parameters that must be adhered to and practiced for disposal of Government work.”

“In order to develop such a practice, it is imperative to ensure arrival to the workplace within official time. Early arrival will not only lead to faster disposal of work but will also enable a healthier work-life balance that would enhance the work efficiency of each worker within the organisation,” BMC order read.