Vikash Sharma

The investigation into the alleged terror links of arrested Kashmiri fraudster Sayed Ishaan Bukhari is currently being undertaken by the Special Task Force (STF) of the Odisha Police Crime Branch. Apart from this, several central agencies like the IB are also interrogating Bukhari on several aspects to ascertain his exact role as far as the links with anti-national elements are concerned.

Moreover, the STF is also trying to unravel the mystery behind Bukhari marrying multiple girls in different parts of the country and establish if it was part of the love jihad conspiracy or some other reason. Earlier, it was found that Bukhari had married at least 6-7 girls from various parts of India including Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Odisha.

He was also active on various websites/ Apps and was in romantic relationships with many girls impersonating as a doctor with international degrees. STF has found that Bukhari had set up an App and was in touch with several girls. He was also allegedly taking commission from the girls who were involved in nude call chats. He was also in touch with two from Odisha, informed sources.

The STF suspects that Bukhari was allegedly using girls to honey-trap victims. Apart from this, it has been found that Bukhari had 9 accounts in different banks including IDBI, SBI, Central Bank, and others. The investigating agencies have also stumbled upon transactions allegedly running into crores of rupees.

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