Pradeep Pattanayak

Protesting against the inauguration of the town hall before the alleged completion of construction work, the Rairakhol NAC vice chairperson and two councillors vandalised the plaque on Friday. 

The newly constructed town hall was supposed to be inaugurated by Rairakhol MLA Rohit Pujari on Friday. The site was decorated with flower garlands. Before the inauguration ceremony, Rairakhol NAC vice chairperson Anusuya Pradhan and two councillors reached the spot, pulled the garlands to pieces, and vandalised the inaugural plaque. 

They alleged that nobody has been informed about the inauguration of the town hall and its construction work is yet to be completed. 

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The construction work hasn’t been completed. And the plaque didn’t feature the names of the vice chairperson and councillors. Objecting to this, we took this step,” said the vice chairperson of Rairakhol NAC. 

“Since we are also the members, the plaque should have had our names. We were also not informed about the inauguration,” said Kumud Nag, Councillor of Ward No-3. 

However, moments after the ransacking, Rairakhol MLA Rohit Pujari reached the town hall and inaugurated the same. 
“As per my knowledge, the construction work has been completed. The remaining work will be completed soon,” said MLA Pujari.

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