Vikash Sharma

The Commisionerate Police on Sunday claimed to have cracked several cases of burglaries that were reported from different parts of Bhubaneswar in the past one year by arresting a high-profile robber. The accused, identified as Parshuram Giri, used to operate alone and mostly target abandoned houses. He hails from Balasore district.

At a presser, Twin City Police Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda informed that Giri was arrested during night blocking and checking. He is involved in at least 21 cases of burglary including four cases in Mancheswar police limits in the past one year.

"We have recovered Rs 21 lakh cash, 700 grams of gold ornaments, 7 kgs of silver ornaments, and two motorcycles from the burglar," said Panda. According to Panda, the accused Giri used to maintain a lavish lifestyle. He used to stay in five-star hotels including Taj in Mumbai.

"He was arrested five times in the past and it is suspected that over 50 cases are registered against him. He used to enter houses by breaking windows and used to switch his phone on flight mode. He would go barefoot while committing the crimes. The accused used to target houses only after assuming that the houses were locked and nobody was present," said Panda.

According to Panda, the burglar had failed in standard nine. He has a lot of property in Bhubaneswar and his village. Despite this, he was into stealing cash and gold ornaments by breaking into houses.

"It has been found out that he only stole cash and ornaments. He did not take electronic gadgets like laptops and mobile phones," Panda added.

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