Himansu Shekhar Rout

You do not know what the fate has in store for you. And it is said, what is destined to happen will happen. True to the adage, destiny smiled on a 13-month-old girl who was once found abandoned and uncared for on a roadside in Malkangiri and now she is the daughter of a millionaire in America.

Yes! Know the story of Kabya, the girl who was rescued in a distressed condition from  roadside in Malkangiri in 2016. At that time, she was only 13 months old. She was brought up at an adoption centre at Dasamanthpur in Koraput. 

Kabya was growing up when she caught the attention of an NRI couple - the man working in a company and his wife, a lecturer in Chicago-- while they were visitng the adoption centre. 

The couple, having two sons, had picked up Kabya and applied online for her adoption. After fulfilling all formalities, they took Kabya with them to America. 

Currently, the NRI couple came calling along their daughter to Dasamanthpur. The employees of the adoption centre were swayed by emotions to see Kabya who is studying in Class-2 in America.

The NRI couple is quite happy to bring up their daughter Kabya and fulfilling all her needs. Her mother said, “She is our daughter. She loves football and tennis. She loves to eat chicken curry.”

Kabya’s father said, “We are happy after adopting her. She wanted to return to India and we came with her. She is our daughter and is always cheerful. She speaks English and a little Tamil. Her biggest demand is to be always with her mother.”

  • Reported by:
  • Surya Narayan Panda