Mrunal Manmay Dash

In an act of revenge, a driver set a car and a bike on fire after getting fired from job in Bhubaneswar on Wednesday night.

The arson was recorded on CCTV camera installed at the spot.

As per reports, the accused was driving the car of Ajit Kumar Nayak, a resident of Krishna Garden, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar. However, he was ousted from the job because the car broke down and the owner did not want to run it further.

Sources said, the driver has a habit of consuming alcohol for which the owners did not feel safe to engage him.

Speaking to OTV, car owner Ajit Nayak said, “My car was not running well. It was an old car. So we decided to not use it and asked the driver to not come anymore. He was with us for four years till last May when I asked him to look for another job. He had developed a habit of taking narcotics. So we decided to not offer him our car.”

“But later we faced problems without a car. So we repaired it last November and appointed another driver. Seeing this, he became violent and set our vehicles on fire at 3am last night.” he said.

Nayak’s neighbour said, “The fire was so intense that we could not go near to douse it. We called the fire brigade to control the blaze."

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