Vikash Sharma

In a positive news for wildlife lovers, a fight between two tigers at Similipal Tiger Reserve (STR) has been caught on camera. The image has been shared on STR’s official X handle. The news has elicited a positive response at a time when concerns were earlier expressed on the safety of tigers at Similipal.

“He is T35 a young tiger trying to claim territory. Got into a fight with T31. Seems to be victorious as it confidently patrols its area. Have you marked the dark pattern on forehead?,” tweeted STR on its official X handle.

"We could be able to notice the fight between the two big cats for a week from November 9. The image has been shared to create awareness about the Royal Bengal Tigers at Similipal Tiger Reserve, “said Prakash Chandra, RCCF, Similipal

Environmentalist, AK Singh said, “I congratulate those who managed to take pictures of the fight. The pattern on tigers usually differs. Usually, the fight also occurs when it gets separated from its mother and establishes its territory. I was hopeful that there are more tigers and they could not be counted properly.”

Singh further said, tiger sighting has been done but due to extensive use of technology the phenomenon has been captured on camera.

“Cameras are being installed at different locations. The tiger has been captured in one of the cameras from a distance and it has been captured well,” Singh added.

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