Manoj Kumar Jena

The famous tribal festival, ‘Sulia Jatra’ began on Tuesday with pomp and gaiety in Khairguda village of Bolangir district.

On the occasion of Sulia Jatra, the tribal people took out processions with traditional weapons. The festival will be followed by the mass sacrifice of animals. 

As per the festival’s ritual, the mass sacrifice of animals will be held at the Sulia Shrine. 

To maintain the law and order situation in the place during the festival, two platoons of police force have been deployed. 

According to the sources, the processions started in the wee hours of Tuesday. After the procession reached the shrine, the head priest wore a dress made of up leaves as a part of the ritual and offered ‘Anna bhog’ to the devotees and started the animal sacrifice ritual. 

People from different places have arrived at the shrine and offered animals such as goats and hens for sacrifice. 

Due to the removal of restriction by the Supreme Court on the practice of mass sacrifice, the tribal people are celebrating the festival with high fervour. 

In view of the gathering of a large number of devotees, the police have taken adequate steps to manage the crowd at the shrine. Besides, the police have made arrangements to ensure a peaceful celebration of the festival.