Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In an exemplary gesture, the family members of an eight-year-old boy on Sunday donated his organs after he was declared brain dead at a private hospital in Bhubaneswar.

As per reports, Subhrajit Sahu, a resident of Kalpana area in Bhubaneswar, had been undergoing treatment in the hospital for the last three days after suffering from a brain seizure. As he showed no signs of recovery, the boy was declared brain dead by the doctors of the hospital following a series of tests on Saturday.

Despite the irreparable loss, the brave family members of the child came forward to donate his organs to save lives.

“Subhrajit had a brain seizure while sitting at the examination hall in his school on Wednesday. The school authorities rushed him to a medical and informed us immediately. Though he showed initial signs of improvement, his condition deteriorated gradually and the doctors declared him brain dead,” said Subhrajit’s father.

“We struggled a lot to save our son. When doctors informed us that he could not be saved, we somehow gathered the courage to donate his organs so that others could get a second chance in life. As responsible parents, we want to create awareness among people about organ donation,” he added.

“He was a very healthy child since his birth. He had a sudden brain seizure following which doctors declared him brain dead. Though it is very painful, we have decided to donate his organs. Let others live through the organs of our son. We want to inspire others about organ donation with our gesture,” said Subhrajit’s crest-fallen mother.