Himansu Shekhar Rout

An elephant, reportedly ailing from a bullet injury in one leg, is roaming in Ranpur range of Nayagarh district. Local residents spotted the injured animal near Kanchanpur village under this range on Saturday. The bullet wound points to the fact that poachers are on the prowl in the range.

As per reports, for the last four days, the wounded elephant has been wandering near the village. Local residents alleged that though they informed the Forest Department about it, the latter remained insensitive to the injured animal and has not taken any steps for its treatment.

A villager suspected that the animal seemed to be seriously ill and kept on shuffling around because the wound on its left front leg has become infectious. 

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Other villagers also added that the elephant is too weak to feed on its own and day by day it is becoming weaker due to lack of food. The villagers expressed concerns over its health condition and demanded immediate treatment.

No comments have been received from the Forest Department officials.

  • Reported by:
  • Alok Moharana