Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Residents of tribal-dominated Chanchhudagada village under Mohana block in Gajapati district are 'languishing' without basic amenities in the area. More than 20 tribal families reportedly live in the remote village. However, they are allegedly deprived of basic facilities and benefits of many government schemes. 

The locals alleged that they are going through ordeal sans proper road communication and drinking water facilities in their area. They also alleged that they have not yet got houses under the housing schemes of the government.

According to the villagers, leaders of many political parties used to approach them for votes during the time of the election by giving them so many assurances. However, they vanish from the scene as soon as the election is finished. 

This time, the villagers have reportedly taken a vow to boycott the upcoming election if their problems are not resolved soon.

“We are facing severe problems in our day-to-day communication sans proper road facilities. We don’t have also proper drinking water facilities in our village. Political leaders only give us false promises to solve all our issues during the time of election. However, they forget all of their promises after the election,” rued a villager.

“Serious patients are often carried on cots to the hospital as we don’t have proper road facilities in our area. Most of the villagers don’t have proper roofs on their heads as we are not able to avail the government housing schemes,” said another villager.

“We have decided to boycott the upcoming election if our demands of providing basic amenities like road communication, and drinking water facilities are not met ahead of elections,” he added.

No comments could be obtained from the local administration over the allegations of the villagers.