Cassian Baliarsingh

Demanding his share of the bounty in the money used for taking devotees to visit the Puri Srimandir Parikrama Project, Nayagarh Daspalla NAC vice-chairman Kishore Das has been accused of high-handedness and assaulting an engineer.

Das has been accused of assaulting the NAC municipality engineer over his share of money. Based on a complaint by the NAC municipality engineer Ashok Dalbehera, Daspalla police registered a case and launched a probe into the incident.
Meanwhile, the BJD-supported vice-chairman has been on the run after the incident.

According to sources, at least 7 buses carrying devotees from all wards of the NAC had gone to visit the Srimandir Parikrama Project heritage corridor around the Jagannath Temple as per the Odisha government’s order to take devotees from every panchayat and civic body to Puri. 

NAC municipality engineer Ashok Dalbehera had taken the responsibility of taking the women devotees and bringing them back safely. After their holy visit, the women devotees along with Dalbehera were returning back home when the vice-chairman allegedly intercepted their bus near Khordha’s Jankia and heckled everyone.

He allegedly beat up Dalbehera after he refused to give money and threatened him with dire consequences.

“As per government’s orders, I had taken the women devotees to Puri Srimandir. After the visit, we were back home when he stopped the bus and demanded money. When I said that there was no money, he started beating me up,” informed Dalbehera.

“Based on a complaint by Ashok Dalbehera, municipality engineer of Daspalla NAC, we have registered a case and a probe into the incident is on. He has accused Daspalla NAC vice-chairman of assault,” informed Prangya Kar, IIC, Jankia police station.

“I’m well aware that 7 buses had taken women devotees. I only came to know about the whole incident now. So, I will talk to both of them and then take necessary action,” informed Daspalla NAC chairman.