Himansu Shekhar Rout

In a major breakthrough, the Commissionerate Police busted an inter-state dacoit gang and arrested three of its members while seizing over 1 kg gold ornaments on Saturday.

As per reports, a special squad of the Commissionerate Police also seized over 1.5 kg silver ornaments and Rs 4 lakh cash from their possession. 

For the last several days, the gang had been on a looting spree in various places of Bhubaneswar and posed a challenge to the police.
Following complaints, police were investigating these cases. A special squad was in pursuit of the robbers. 

They were finally arrested and police took them to the crime spots and scene recreation. 

Addressing a presser, Police Commissioner, Sanjeeb Panda said, "We have arrested three persons including a receiver on Saturday. They were involved in five sensational robbery cases in Bhubaneswar and four cases in Puri and Bhadark.”

They not only commit robberies but also commit planned loot/burglaries. ”They go to the places with full preparation. If something goes awry and they face obstructions, they get ready to attack,” Panda said.   

He added that further investigation into the matter is going on and they will be taken on remand.

“We hope more crimes committed by the gang would be detected," he added.

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