Vikash Sharma

Get ready for Odisha’s first mythological cartoon superhero ‘Chhota Jaga’. Tarang and Olive Ridley Media have come up with a unique cartoon series featuring Odisha’s first superhero character.

The incredible journey of 'Chhota Jaga,' who is bestowed with the blessings & powers of Lord Jagannath, has got off to a vibrant start on the Tarang Plus OTT platform on the occasion of Children’s Day. The animations are simply amazing and it will certainly blow your mind.

The characters are adorable, and the story is unique which will certainly entertain audiences as well as children.

“When Lord Jagannath comes into the picture, every other superhero fades. In this context, Lord Jagannath is Odisha’s first superhero and superstar and we have created Odisha’s first hero and superstar,” said Chhota Jaga creator, Samar Pratap Nayak.

Already Chhota Jaga has been able to win accolades and hearts of children after a special screening was done at various schools on the occasion of Children’s Day today. Quiz and painting competitions were also organised on the occasion.

“We are very happy as Chhota Jaga is quite famous and we are looking forward to it,” said Aparna Mishra, a student. Jyotilipsa, another student said, “I liked the character very much as he protects everybody who is in trouble.”

The team members of Chhota Jaga interacted with students and shared valuable insights on their hard work.

A teacher said, “Chhota Jaga is the first superhero of Odisha and the concept of superhero itself is very exciting for the children. Nothing better could have happened on this day for the children. I wish the Chhota Jaga team all success.”

While interacting with the children, OTV Digital Business Head, Litisha Mangat Panda said, “Chhota Jaga is the new superhero of Odisha.

You can watch it on all social media platforms including YouTube, Tarang Plus App, and others.” Chhota Jaga is all you need to help your children get well-versed in Odisha’s culture and heritage. You can download the Tarang Plus App to watch Chhota Jaga on your mobile phone.

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