Mrunal Manmay Dash

It's Chhadakhai today. With the Holy month of Kartika coming to an end on Monday, people in Odisha geared up to celebrate Chhadakhai today to mark an end to the month-long sabbatical from consuming non-veg food items.

After a month of a strict vegetarian diet, Chhadakhai is the day to relish non-veg delicacies at home with family and friends. And along with the non-veg lovers, the sellers were quite upbeat expecting a brisk business on the day.

People were seen thronging markets in the morning to buy fish, crab, chicken, mutton and other non-vegetarian items.

However, as the Chhadakhai fell on Tuesday this year, it has resulted in a little less business for the non-vegetarian food sellers as some people refrain from consuming non-veg on this day.

Asked about the Chhadakhai business, a fish seller at Unit 4 market in Bhubaneswar said, “There are not enough people in the market due to Tuesday. Many people do not eat non-veg on Tuesday. We have opened our shops since 6 am but cannot sell enough.”

“Prices of fishes have come down as well. While Rohu is sold at more than Rs 250 on other days, we are forced to sell it between Rs 220 and 240. Similarly, Magur is being sold between Rs 500 and 1000 and Hilsa at Rs 2000,” he added.

Irrespective of Tuesday, some people still thronged to the fish market to grab some seafood on Chhadakhai. “Price is reasonably good this today as Chhadakhai fell on Tuesday and not many people have come to buy. Had it fallen on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday for that matter, fish prices would have sky rocketed,” said a woman who had come to buy fish.

Berhampur city saw a similar kind of Chhadakhai sells.

A fish seller at the famous Giri Market said, “We had expected more sells than this today. But cannot find enough customers. I hope to sell more tomorrow.”

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