Himansu Shekhar Rout

Venturing out for a few hours leaving one's house unattended is seemingly becoming risky in Bhubaneswar. Burglars are reportedly on the prowl in Bhubaneswar and are keeping a close watch on such residences. One such incident happened in Bramheswar Bag under Badagada police limits on November 20. However, the incident was reported on Wednesday. 

Miscreants allegedly decamped with valuable gold jewelleries worth Rs 15 lakh and cash worth Rs 50,000 from a house within two hours after its owner went out for some work.

Such incidents, which keep on happening despite police patrolling and surveillance, have reportedly become a cause of concern for residents.

As per reports, Suranjan Kumar Das stays in the Bramheswar Bag area. Das hardly leaves his house unattended. On November 20, he went out for two hours for urgent work after locking his house. His wife and son were out for work. In the meantime, looters had burgled his house.

On returning home, Das was shocked to find his house broken. After examining inside, Das found gold jewelery and Rs 50,000 cash missing.  

Expressing concerns over the incident, Surajan Das said, “Staying in Bhubaneswar is fraught with danger. Miscreants are active everywhere. We are scared to venture out of the house for a few minutes.”

Prabhat Kumar Nanda, a local resident, also sounded concerned over the incident. “The house was looted in broad daylight. Had anyone been present in the house, the miscreants might have brutally attacked them. It is really too risky living in the capital city,” Nanda said.  

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Police have arrested three persons of the Poda Punia gang and recovered some stolen gold. However, some items have not been seized. Das alleged that two necklaces, two mangalsutras, and some bangles have not been recovered.

ACP (Zone-6) SN Mudulli said, “We have seized some stolen items and located a jewellery shop where the stolen items were exchanged.”

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