Himansu Shekhar Rout

Yuvraj is neither the prince of a kingdom nor is it the famous Indian cricketer. It is a giant buffalo bull, aged 12 that has been brought to Bhubaneswar from Kurukshetra of Haryana to take part in the three-day fisheries and animal husbandry event to kick-start from tomorrow at Janata Maidan. 

The animal is now in the limelight because of its massive muscular figure while weighing about 15 to 16 quintals. The owner of the bull, Nasib Kunkad earns a whopping Rs 30 lakh per annum by participating in show events and selling its semen. 

As per the owner, Rs 5000 to Rs 6000 per day is spent on its care, fodder, and fitness. Apart from husks, its fodder/diet constitutes cashews, dry resins, and various other dry foods. 

Like a wrestler, the bull is massaged with oil almost every day. 

Nasib Kunkad, who is rearing about 80 such buffaloes at his farm, said, “Around Rs 5000 to 6000 is spent for its care and fodder per day. It is fed about 12 to 13 litres of milk every day. I have a farm with around 80 such buffaloes. We have a semen bank.”

He added that such shows are necessary to sensitise farmers about rearing such livestock.

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