Odishatv Bureau

Out of the 225 samples collected in the month of January and February, a total of 59 H3N2 influenza cases were found in Odisha, informed the Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC) in Bhubaneswar.

RMRC Director Sanghamitra Pati informed that from the test report of the samples, it was found that 59 persons are infected with the H3N2 virus. 

Speaking on the H3N2 symptoms, Odisha Public Health Director Niranjan Mishra said that the virus is similar to Covid-19. While symptoms include fever, cough, cold, throat pain and headache, some severe cases could be dangerous, said Mishra.

He further stated that there is no definitive treatment available for the virus currently and hence, people should strictly follow the Covid guidelines to keep H3N2 at bay.

After two persons, one from Haryana and the other in Karnataka, died of influenza caused by the H3N2 virus, the Odisha government issued an advisory.

As per the advisory, people need to wear masks (a must for people suffering from cold and cough), use handkerchiefs while sneezing if not wearing a mask and drink plenty of water.

The common symptoms of the H3N2 virus include sore throat, fever, ache in muscles, cough and acute respiratory issues among others.