Cassian Baliarsingh

A day after two files of the Puri Jagannath Temple Administration (JTA) were found missing, the BJP and Congress on Wednesday came down heavily on the Odisha government for the ‘utter negligence’.

The incident came to the fore after the Deputy Secretary of the Department wrote to all sections to locate the missing files on a priority basis. 

If the government can’t preserve the crucial files of Lord Jagannath, then it is not eligible to rule Odisha, slammed the Opposition. 

“This government is simply irresponsible and clueless. There is a case going on in the Court and now crucial files are found missing. This is a serious issue. People of Odisha are now understanding how irresponsible this government is who cannot even preserve important files of Lord Jagannath,” said Manmohan Samal, State BJP President.

Similarly, Bijay Mohapatra, senior BJP leader said, “This is a worrisome incident. The missing of Jagannath Temple Administration files is really disturbing. But, I’m sure the files are not missing. They are hiding it somewhere. I suspect the files contain some crucial information regarding Jagannath Temple which the government does not want to bring to the notice of the public. So, they have used this ‘file missing’ tactic.”

“If they can’t preserve the files of Lord Jagannath, then they are not eligible to rule Odisha,” he added.

Similarly, senior Congress leader Niranjan Patnaik said, “We all know that they have lost the keys of Srimandir's Ratnabhandar. Now, they claim that two files are missing. But, no one has any knowledge if only two files are missing or over 20 files. The BJD government does not even shy away from seizing the property of Lord Jagannath. All they want is to hand over everything to their businessmen friends.”

On the other hand, BJD leader and Law Minister Jagannath Saraka tried to clarify that the files weren’t missing and might be kept somewhere.

“Files don’t go missing. They must be somewhere. A probe is on and necessary steps will be taken once the files are found. The administration will take necessary steps very soon,” said Saraka.

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