Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Biju Janata Dal (BJD) MLA Pramod Kumar Mallick allegedly passed derogatory remarks to a girl in a village under Niali block after she questioned him about the region’s development on Monday.

As per reports, Mallick attended a public meeting as the chief guest to observe the 100th birth anniversary of freedom fighter Kandduri Charan Mallick at Dopatitota village under Niali block. 

During the meeting, a young girl identified as Swarnalata Mallick, questioned MLA Mallick regarding developmental works done in the region. This reportedly fumed the BJD leader and in the full public glare, he allegedly used derogatory words for the girl. 

While Swarnalata stated that it was within her rights as a citizen to make inquiries to the leader, MLA Mallick has refuted the allegations of using derogatory remarks on the girl. 

“As a citizen, it is my right to question about the developmental works carried out in the region. I asked him as the MLA, what work have you done for the development of the region. When I stood up and inquired him, he got fumed and compared me with someone else,” said Swarnalata Mallick.

Further, she added, “He also said to me that I don’t have the eligibility to ask him anything. As per my knowledge, it is my constitutional right to ask the MLA as a citizen. Pramod Mallick or his aides didn’t bestow me the right.”

On the other hand, MLA Mallick said, “I was not impressed with the arrangements made at the event. So, I just wanted to deliver the speech fast and leave the place. She asked something while I was delivering my speech. I couldn’t even hear what the girl said. Even, I haven’t used any derogatory remarks for anyone.”

Reported by Binay Mishra