Mrunal Manmay Dash

5T Chairman and Biju Janata Dal (BJD) leader VK Pandian was opposed in Puri and shown black flag by Congress members on Saturday.

The protest happened at around 5 am in the morning when Pandian arrived in front of Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) office at Puri.

The Congress members showed black flag to him and raised ‘Pandian go back’ slogans in front of him opposing demolition of heritage buildings in Puri in the name of Parikrama Project. They also blamed Pandian of insulting Jagannath culture by bringing Youtuber Kamiya Jani to the Srimandir.

Following the protest, Police detained the protesters.

“Congress party showed black flag to VK Pandian. We were 10 people who showed black flag, the Police have arrested five of us from in front of the Temple office,” said Puri Congress leader Sujit Mohapatra.

“We were waiting in front of the Srimandir for Pandian. Police and administrative officials were getting ready to receive Pandian. People were not allowed on the road during that time. We were raising our voice from a long time. The government demolished many mutts and buildings of historical significance to build two toilets and a narrow road under Parikrama Project by spending Crores of rupees,” he said.

Raking up the Kamiya Jani row, Mohapatra said, “Even the tradition of Srimandir was broken by Pandian when he brought Kamiya Jani to the Temple. His clarification that Jani will help make people all over the world know about Lord Jagannath, has hurt us a lot. That is why we showed black flag to him.”

Puri Congress Spokesperson, Swadhin Panda said, “The police have arrested us because they have their allegiance towards Pandian. Even the district administration has been showing undue support to a Youtuber and ‘beef eater’ Kamiya Jani in order to protect Pandian. That is why Congress party is raising its voice.”

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