Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A newborn baby, who was fighting for life with a severe complication, got a new lease of life following surgery at AIIMS in Bhubaneswar, thanks to the efforts of the doctors at the hospital and modern healthcare innovations.

As per reports, one Ruksaro Bibi gave birth to a stillbirth baby on February 29. The baby was only 1.05 kg at the time of birth. The baby was even facing difficulties while taking milk from the mother and was vomiting immediately after being fed.

Following thorough check-ups and different examinations, a team of doctors at the hospital found that a small intestine connecting the stomach of the premature baby was not formed in the baby’s body. The hapless parents had given up all their hopes for the survival of the baby.

However, a team of doctors from the Paediatrics Surgery, Anesthesia and Neonatal Care Departments in AIIMS took it as a challenge and carried out the complicated and rare surgery to give a new lease of life to the newborn baby. 

After one week following the surgery, the child was able to take food properly. After being kept under observation for around one and a half months, the baby was eventually discharged.

The parents are on the blue moon following the development. They have expressed their deepest gratitude towards the team of doctors who carried out the complicated surgery successfully.

“The team of doctors at AIIMS was like Gods to us. They performed the complicated surgery skillfully to give a new lease of life to our baby. We can’t express our gratitude in words to them,” said Nassiruddin Khan, relative of the baby.

As per the doctors, it was very difficult for a premature newborn to survive with such a complication. The baby could only survive due to God’s grace and the hard work of the team of doctors, they said.

“As the baby was premature and underweight, there was a huge risk in the operation. Thank God that we were able to carry out the surgery successfully with a team effort,” said Paediatric Surgeon Dr Manoj Kumar Mohanty.

“The surgery was highly challenging. We carried out the surgery within 24 hours after the birth of the baby. Our Neurotology Department made the baby ready for the operation within 24 hours which is highly praiseworthy,” said Dr Subrat Sahu.

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