Himansu Shekhar Rout

Brahmapur Railway Station is one of the major stations in Odisha. After a long time and several demands, its renovation work started of late, but the slow pace of work is adding to the woes of passengers.

There is a growing demand now to expedite the renovation work.

As per reports, five months have passed since its renovation work started, but the work has allegedly not progressed as expected. Due to the ongoing renovation, space for certain facilities such as the parking lot is also curtailed.  

Arun Singh, a passenger questioned, "The renovation of the railway station should have been done much earlier, at least 10 years ago. What the state and central governments are doing even though this station generates more revenue than other stations?"  

Expressing displeasure, Arabinda Pattnaik, a local lawyer, said, "The pace of the renovation work has lagged behind. Passengers have to suffer.”

Sushant Sabat, a local resident, said, "Renovation has started after several rounds of demands. Platform-1 has been blocked. Passengers are allowed entry and exit through a small opening. People have to go near Platform-4 to park their vehicles.”   

Berhamapur MP, Chandrasekhar Sahoo said that passengers will benefit a lot if the work is completed early.

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