Pradeep Pattanayak

Assuming him dead, his family members had performed the death rituals. But taking them all by surprise, he returned home after a long gap of 35 years.   

This incident of family reunion was reported on Tuesday from Dholamara village under Rajnagar block in Kendrapara district.

Jamini Sethi, son of Pandab Sethi of Dholamara village, had gone to Rajasthan to work there in a bid to support his father financially in running the family. However, he never returned. 

20 years ago, a relative informed the family that Jamini had died in Rajasthan. Hearing this, the family members’ little hope of Jamini’s return got lost. They even performed the rituals associated with the death of a person. 

But fate had something good in store for the family. A social organisation came to know about his family from Jamini in Mumbai. Later, the members of the organisation brought him to his village and a scene of a family reunion unfolded straight out of a Hindi movie. 

Even though Jamini can’t speak properly due to illness, he can recognise his relatives. Presently, he is staying with his elder brother Amulya Sethi. 

“He had gone to Rajasthan as a migrant labourer. Later, we couldn’t know his whereabouts. When some people said he had died, we performed his death rituals.  Now we are happy that he has returned home after 35 years,” said Amulya. 

Expressing his happiness, Jamini’s friend Prafulla Sethi said, “He along with a gentleman reached the village and inquired about Pandab Sethi. Then I came out of my house and to my utter dismay, he recognised me.”

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