Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Considering the upward trajectory of onion prices in Odisha, district administrative officials have been asked to take stern action against the traders allegedly involved in the black marketing of onions, informed Food Supply and Consumer Welfare Minister Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak on Sunday.

Odisha government decided to act tough on the matter after the price of onion skyrocketed to over Rs 60 per kg.

“It is the time of onion farming and crops will hit the market after one month. Currently, there is a gap in the production and supply that needs to be managed well to provide onions to the consumers at a proper price,” said Nayak.

“Not only in Odisha, the onion prices have also surged in other states as well. The rate of onion in the central pool has increased. As a result, it is having an impact on the prices of onions in the market. Moreover, we have found that some traders have hoarded onions in bulk causing an artificial price rise. We have instructed the district administrations in the State to take strong action against the traders involved in hoarding and black marketing of onions,” he added.