Cassian Baliarsingh

Even as three days have passed since Tapan Kumar Sahu, Badamba branch manager of Canara Bank, went missing, the police are yet to trace his whereabouts.

Tapan remains untraceable even as cops claim to be investigating the case. The incident has triggered outrage among his family members, who accused the cops of showing a lackadaisical attitude.

“There is no information about his whereabouts even after three days have passed. When we contact the police, their only excuse is that they are trying to find him. But, there is no result. They are only asking for more time,” complained an angry Alisha Pradhan, wife of the missing manager.

According to sources, Tapan was engaged at Badamba branch of Canara Bank as a manager. He mysteriously went missing when he was on his way to his bank branch from Kalapathar branch. As per family sources, he set off from Kalapathar Branch to Badamba Branch at around 9:30 AM on Monday. 

However, he mysteriously went missing mid-way and has remained untraceable since then. Based on a complaint by family members, police registered a case and have launched a probe into the incident.

When contacted, local police said that a probe was on and they were examining the CCTV footage in the area.

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