Himansu Shekhar Rout

At the age, when he should be spending time in fun and frolic, Asutosh Patra of Nabarangpur has chosen to become a temple priest at the age of 12. The little priest of Pujari Sahi in Nabarangour town eloquently chants mantras and amazes people.

His father Santosh Patra is a priest at the Ganesh temple in Raju Sahi. Following in the footsteps of his father for some years, Asutosh has managed to acquire skills in divine worship, rituals, and mantra chanting. A class-6 student, he also performs well academically.

His family says that since childhood, Asutosh used to follow what his father was doing and was inclined to spiritualism. His family is happy with his skills.  

“When he was very small, he was interested in puja and rituals. He gets up early in the morning and comes with me to help in daily worship in the temple. Many people are impressed by his skills. They want his priestly service on occasions,” his father said.

Sharan Kumar, a local resident, said, “We are happy to see a little priest donning traditional clothes. At this tender age, he is offering his service to divinity and it is a great thing at this little age!”