Manoj Kumar Jena

As various services are affected after the Drivers’ Mahasangha joined the all India ‘Quit Steering Wheel’ movement, Utkal Petroleum Dealers’ Association General Secretary Sanjay Lath on Saturday advised people not to panic and buy petrol. 

Speaking about the ongoing drivers’ protest and the situation of petrol supply, Lath said, “If people will continue to refuel their vehicles with panic, the petrol and diesel will run out of stock in filling stations by tomorrow evening.”

Lath further said, “Due to the ‘Quit Steering Wheel’ movement, the supply of petrol and diesel is being affected. People on Friday have bought 20 per cent more diesel and petrol due to panic buying. 

Due to the protest, the loading of petrol and diesel had seen a down surge to 75% and only 25 per cent were loaded.”

On Saturday, the loading of fuel from Paradip Depot was completely shut down. However, a very small quantity of fuel was loaded from Jatni and Balasore Depot.

Insisting people not to engage in panic buying, Lath said, “If people continue panic buying of petrol, the fuel is likely to run out of stock by Sunday evening.  So we request people not to panic.”

Meanwhile, the 'quit steering wheel' protest has been called off in Odisha, informed transport commissioner Amitabh Thakur.