Rashmi Ranjan

The casting couch controversy in Odia film industry continues to get uglier with each passing day as several actresses are opening up about the alleged dark reality of the cine industry. 

Joining the league on Wednesday, Jatra artiste Rani Priyadarshini unleashed an attack while narrating her ordeal in the industry.

Rani said, “Casting couch exists in Ollywood. No newcomer gets a break without being subjected to casting couch. Those who have taken that route have destroyed their career, while those who did not compromise are now considered as successful in the film industry.”

With actors like Prakruti Mishra, Jasmine Rath, and Pupul Bhuyan levelling allegations of casting couch against film producer Sanjay Nayak aka Tutu Nayak, several questions have now cropped up.

If the allegations are true, then who are the persons behind the casting couch practice? Why no action has been taken against the accused? Instead of complaining on the proper forum, why the victims are opening up on social media platforms and mainstream media?

On the other hand, Ollywood actress, Rupashree Panda put the blame on aspiring actresses for casting couch cases that have recently hogged the headlines.

"Only producers and casting directors cannot be blamed for casting couch, aspiring actresses are responsible too. Some of them (Actresses) do not have any hesitation to offer their bodies in return for work. Moreover, there are some actresses who trap producers by levelling false casting couch allegations,” Panda said.

Meanwhile, several actors and cine critics opined that such incidents are setting bad precedents for the cine industry.

“The Odia cine industry must not earn a bad name for such things. Every industry has its positives and negatives. We must focus on enhancing the positive things in our industry,” said Mousumi Nayak, an actress. 

“There are many actresses who are far from such controversies and known in every household. There are some, who are doing it for publicity. This is not acceptable,” said Dilip Hali, a cine critic.

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