Pradeep Pattanayak

Bringing serious allegations against the authorities of the Kalahandi University, the Kalahandi Students Union shot off letters to the Chief Minister, the Chief Secretary and the Higher Education department secretary. 

The Students Union in its letter has alleged that the students are under severe pressure and their intellectual development has severely been affected as they aren’t taking part in any social activities for fear of action from the University authorities. 

They further alleged that as the students aren’t taking part in any social activities including processions, their leadership quality is taking a beating. 

The University authorities are allegedly intimidating the students saying if they participate in any social activities they would be driven out of hostels and given less marks in exams. 

Taking the allegations of the Kalahandi Students Union seriously, the Performance Tracking Cell of the Higher Education Department has directed the authorities of the Kalahandi University to submit its report with respect to the student’s allegations within five days. 

Meanwhile, the students' allegations against the University authorities has triggered political slugfest. 

The Congress alleged that the ruling dispensation has suspended elections in the campuses and instead of it, it has been forming campus committees with the intention to attract students to its fold. 

“Instead of students’ union elections, they are forming campus committees. They (the BJD) want to restrict the students to their activities only. Such situation is seen not only in the Kalahandi University but also in all the colleges,” alleged Yasir Nawaz, president, Chhatra Congress.  

The Biju Janata Dal (BJD) hit back and said the campus elections have been put on hold due to campus violence. 

"The students are always creative. The students’ enthusiasm shouldn’t be linked with students’ agitation. The elections will be allowed only when the students are found to be disciplined,” said BJD spokesperson Lenin Mohanty.

  • Reported by:
  • Rajkumar Shingdeo