Pradeep Pattanayak

As part of the ‘Shree Krushan Leela’ observed at Srimandir in Puri since Janmashtami, the much-awaited ‘Krushna Balaram Besha’ ritual will be held today. 

Every year, this ‘besha’ is observed at the shrine on the “Trayodashi (thirteenth day) of “Krushna Pakshya” (dark fortnight) of lunar month of “Bhadraba”. 

The 'besha' of the deities is done after the completion of Madhyanha Dhupa. On this occasion, the deities are decorated with ornaments and offered ‘kheeri’ and ‘Amalu Bhoga’. 

This ‘besha’ assumes significance because on this occasion Lord Jagannath is dressed like Lord Krishna, Lord Balabhadra like Lord Balaram and Devi Subhadra is dressed in a ‘Padmasana posture’ holding ‘Aayudhas’ in four arms. 

Informing about the starting of this 'besha', Jagannath Culture expert Pandit Surya Narayan Rathsharma said, “'Shree Krushna Leela’ is being observed in the Srimandir. After the birth of Lord Krishna, ‘Nandotsava’ was observed, then the deities appeared in Bana Bhoji Besha and Kaliya Dalana Besha. And, after slaying Pralambasura, the ‘Krushna Balaram Besha’ ritual is observed on the “Trayodashi (thirteenth day) of “Krushna Pakshya”. 

“In 1946, Jagabandhu Mishra, the landlord of Khand Sahi in Cuttack district had not been blessed with any children even years after his marriage. He worshipped Lord Jagannath and wished His blessing for a child. And his wish was fulfilled. Then he visited Srimandir to have a dasrhan of the deities. Following the incident of the landlord being blessed with a child, the ‘Krushna Balaram Besha’ ritual was started, thanks to the efforts of Pandit Sadashiv Rathsharma and the head of the Bada Odia mutt,” he informed.

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