Now, ‘puppy cuddles’ to ease stress in students

New York: Stressed out college students may just need a puppy to cuddle – and one Canadian University is providing a roomful of the little canines for its pupils.

Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, will open a "puppy room" to students cramming for finals.  

"Stressed from exams? Come take a break from studying and exams and play with a dog!" a flyer posted on the student union's Facebook page reads.

"Yup, it's a room full of puppies," the poster reads.

The therapy has been an instant hit, garnering over 1,300 likes and 2,000 shares ever-since it was announced, the 'New York Daily News' reported.

"Thank You Universe… Everything is going to officially be okay," George Woodhouse wrote on Facebook.

"Nothing brings stressed out university students together like the promise of puppy cuddles!" Bethany Ingraham commented.

The pups come courtesy of Therapeutic Paws of Canada, an organisation that uses dogs as a cuddly alternative to antidepressant Prozac medicine.

However, the success of the puppy room will likely present its own challenge.

"What's going to be ironic is the level of stress trying to get into this room with its popularity and all…" Facebook user David Foster noted.