Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday exuded confidence that he will address the nation from the Red Fort next year to list out the progress on the promises he had made to the people.

"The promise for change brought me here, my performance brought me here once again. The coming five years are of unprecedented development and a golden moment to realise the dream of India as a developed nation by 2047," the Prime Minister said in his speech from the ramparts of Red Fort.

"Next year, on August 15 from this same Red Fort I will list out the progress achieved by the nation and sing paeans to your strength, your resolve and your success with greater confidence," Modi said in his last Independence Day address before the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

The general elections are scheduled for April-May next year.

Modi said he had made a promise to the nation to usher in change in 2014.

"You reposed your trust in me. I tried to fulfill the trust you reposed in me. The promises I made earned me confidence over the past five years. I had promised you to change through reform, perform and transform. I have worked hard for the nation and I have worked with pride," the Prime Minister said.