Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday launched ambitious project of the International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA) and called for international cooperation in preserving and conserving the population of big cat.

He was addressing the gathering of dignitaries from foreign countries and states in Mysuru, on completion of 50 years of the Project Tiger in the country.

Modi urged the foreign dignitaries that as they have come to the Western Ghats region, they should visit and study the centuries old lifestyle of Adivasis of the region, which is a good example for the whole world.

The community is deriving and giving back to the nature. This is the heritage of Adivasis. "Take a lesson from the heritage and life of Adivasis to your people and country," the Prime Minister urged.

'The Elephant Whisperers' documentary which won Oscars also show caused relation between nature and creature, he added.

IBCA is an extension of of earlier efforts to save big cats. This enables financial and technical cooperation towards conservation and preservation of countries which have the population of seven big cat such as tiger, lion, leopard, puma, Jaguar, cheetah and South African lions.

Members will share experience and help other members in research, training and capacity building. "Humans can be safe when nature and biodiversity is safe and intact. The accountability is ours and the whole world's," Modi stated.

He also released a commemorative coin on the completion of 50 years of the Project Tiger.