The investigators probing the murder of 23-year-old Nikki Yadav by Sahil Gehlot whom she had married in 2020, have found that Sahil's father Virender Singh was reportedly involved in a murder case lodged 25 years ago.

Sources claimed that during scanning of the criminal record and interrogation it was found that following a land dispute in 1997, Virender Singh was arrested for allegedly beating up a man who succumbed to his injuries.

"Virender was convicted by the Sessions Court in 2001 but later, he appealed in the Delhi High Court and was acquitted," said the sources.

Nikki Yadav's body was found in a fridge at dhaba, owned by Sahil, in Mitraon village, outskirts of Delhi on Valentine's Day (February 14). He had killed her on February 10 and married another woman on the same day.

Police have also arrested Sahil's father, his two cousins Ashish and Naveen (a constable in Delhi Police) and two friends, Amar and Lokesh, for hatching a conspiracy to get rid of Nikki and go ahead with the wedding with another girl.

According to a senior police official, the prime accused, Sahil Gahlot was interrogated at length during police custody and disclosed that Nikki was dissuading him from marrying someone else as they had already solemnised their marriage in 2020.

"She was pleading with him not to go ahead with the marriage fixed by his family with another girl on February 10. However, Sahil along with his father, two cousins and two friends hatched the conspiracy and planned to remove the deceased from their way," said the official.

"Sahil executed the plan and murdered her and informed other co-accused persons about it on the same day and then all of them went ahead with the marriage ceremony," said the official.