In a move aimed at facilitating the expansion of Indian airlines' international operations, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has announced the streamlining of the approval process for Indian carriers to start flying to new foreign destinations.

The DGCA in a statement said that it has conducted a comprehensive review of the existing regulatory requirements in consultation with stakeholders, resulting in a significant reduction in the checklist that the airlines must comply with.

Previously, Indian airline operators were subject to a 33-point checklist that assessed their preparedness for operations in a new foreign destination.

"However, in an effort to simplify and expedite the process, the DGCA has now rationalised the checklist to a concise 10-point assessment that specifically focuses on an airline's readiness for the intended operations. This revision eliminates generic and redundant provisions from the previous checklist, aiming to reduce the documentation and compliance burden on the operators," as per DGCA.

The revised checklist covers essential aspects related to an airline's preparedness for launching services to a new international destination. It is expected to significantly streamline the approval process, allowing Indian carriers to expand their global footprint more efficiently.

"The objective of this rationalisation is to simplify and facilitate the process for Indian carriers to start a new international destination and would significantly reduce the documentation/compliances required to be submitted by the operators. This systemic reform comes at a time when the Indian carriers are poised to expand their international footprint," the DGCA added.