The upcoming G-20 summit in the country is being seen by the BJP as a significant political tool. The BJP, which has consistently highlighted India's rising stature on the international stage under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, now aims to leverage the presence of world leaders from the wealthy countries in Delhi for the G-20 Summit.

The party intends to create a positive electoral atmosphere across the country by using the statements of these world leaders about India and their participation in various events in its favour.

The BJP, while politically discussing the G-20 Summit, will make efforts to convey the message to the common voters in the country that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has not only successfully hosted the G-20 summit but has also elevated its status globally. 

The BJP asserts that India is progressing towards becoming 'vishwa guru' again under PM Modi's leadership.

Speaking to IANS, a BJP leader said that the party plans to create an inclusive programme for the G-20 summit that highlights the chairmanship of India, the participation of heads of state, ministers and delegates from various countries, their visits to different cities in the country, and their involvement in various programmes. This programme will be extensively promoted nationwide.

The BJP has already been actively involved in making the G-20 Summit a nationwide participatory event, following PM Modi's call. 

According to a senior party official, the G-20 being hosted by the country under the leadership of PM Modi is a symbol of changing India, and party workers will proudly convey to the people that the country is receiving global recognition and respect because the country elected Narendra Modi as its Prime Minister with a full majority in 2014 and 2019.

The BJP's strategy regarding the G-20 is very clear. The party aims to promote the achievements of the G-20 summit extensively across the country, through Union Ministers, Chief Ministers of states, ministers, MPs, MLAs, local representatives, and party's national office-bearers to grassroots workers.

The BJP will make a concerted effort to disseminate this achievement through its more than 225 call centers spread across the country, working round the clock seven days a week. In these call centers, over 20,000 party workers (telecallers) will promote the achievements of the Modi government, keeping the Lok Sabha elections in mind, and specifically highlighting the G-20 accomplishments.

The party is also gearing up to vigorously promote this achievement on all social media platforms. The BJP is training 2.5 million social media people across the country to establish contact with 100 million voters through social media.

The special moments related to the G-20 Summit or important moments for the country will be captured in short videos and shared on all social media platforms. These videos will not only be shared but will also be encouraged to trend widely by party leaders and workers.

Both the BJP and the government aim to mark the G-20 Summit as a significant and historic success at both levels. 

According to sources, during the special session of Parliament convened from September 18 to 22, discussions may take place on the successful conclusion of the G-20 summit and the country's achievements. This makes it absolutely clear that the BJP intends to utilise the hosting of the G-20 Summit, from Parliament to the streets, as a powerful political tool.