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Modi has failed to follow Rajdharma in Gujarat

Patna: The JD(U), a prominent NDA ally on Sunday hit out at Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi saying a person who "failed to follow Rajdharma" with five crore people of a state won`t be able to do "justice" with 125 crore people of the country.

"Modi has failed to discharge Rajdharma in Gujarat… when he can`t do justice with five crore people of a state how will he be able to deliver justice to 125 crore of the country," JD(U) national spokesman Shivanand Tiwari said.

Tiwari recalled that former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had even during the post Godhra riots referred to "extra care" for Rajdharma.

"There are still a sense of fear and insecurity among the people in Gujarat," he said.

"The body language of Modi during his speech in Hindi after beginning his fast has been full of arrogance," he said adding Gujarat had always been "a prosperous and developed area" and even during the British rule, there were so many ports and vast groups of traders doing brisk business in that state with rich cultural heritage.

"Modi who normally addresses people of Gujarat in Gujarati has for the first time made speech in Hindi," Tiwari said, adding it reflected that Modi wanted to address the nation as "a changed personality."

"But even during his speech he has shown no (no) regrets forwhat happened in Gujarat in 2002," Tiwari said.

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