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Dogs have always been the greatest friend of humans. They have always proved themselves to be the most loyal, faithful and caring companions of mankind.

The origin of the furry companions of humans can be traced back to 14,000 to 29,000 years ago. As per scientific research, dogs were probably first domesticated in the north Eurasian region. 


German Shepherd ( Image Courtesy: American Kennel Club) 

But, what makes dogs so special over other domesticated animals? Perhaps, it is their true-blue nature, and unconditional love towards human beings.

Dogs have always served humans in various roles from aiding in hunting and gathering to guarding homes & cattle, no other animals have matched the versatility of this pawed furry pals.

In modern-day, people have transformed this unique bonding into a status symbol. These days some people pet exotic breed of dogs just for the sake of materialistic projection, without analysing factors influencing their breeding.


Siberian Husky ( Image Courtesy: Sundeep Patel)

For example, Siberian huskies, the breed usually found in extremely cold regions also adorns Indian households nowadays. Huskies that usually need cold environment for survival manage to live in hot climate of India with difficulties as they are not provided with good temperature conditioning facility.

Sometimes this leads to aggressive traits, disease and even deaths among such dogs.

Recently, a series of dog aggression cases has hogged the limelight in the country.


Pit Bull ( Image Courtesy: Forever Vets)

In July, a 82-year old woman was brutally attacked, and killed by her son’s pet Pitbull. Dog breeds such as Pitbull, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, American Bull-dog, Bullmastiff and Siberian Husky are usually considered ferocious and require proper training to be tamed.

Another reason for the massive increase in dog aggression is due to unscientific methods of cross breeding. 


Bullmastiff ( Image Courtesy: American Kennel Club)

Study shows maximum pet stores in India are not registered and are selling imported breed of dogs without proper research, and, analysis.

Breeders often sell dogs of exotic breed without proper information.

For an instance, Pitbulls are usually used for the purpose of fighting. Dogs like Great Dane are exclusively used for guarding and hunting purposes. In absence of proper training, timely feeding and lack of physical activities can make these breeds extremely aggressive leading to dreadful consequences.


Rottweiler (Image Courtesy: Rashmi Ranjan Mohanty)

Gauri Maulekhi, a trustee of People for Animals, told media that the recent spate of dog bites shows that such dogs should not be sold. Many species of exotic dogs are not adapted to living in the Indian environment. The government of India has made dog breeding rules in 2017, but the rules are not being followed properly."

By: Anirbaan Hritiq