Rashmi Rekha Das

Tension ran high at Capital Hospital on Friday following the death of a patient due to alleged medical negligence on part of hospital authorities.

The deceased identified as Dusasana Sahu of Dhauli Kumaradiha was admitted to the hospital after he complained of chest pain. However, a doctor allegedly administered him two injections attributing chest pain to acidity. Doctor advised his attendant to take Dusasana home. However, on his way home, Dusasana’s condition deteriorated. He was brought to hospital again, but doctors declared him brought dead.

The victim’s family members reportedly suspected medical negligence after the doctors treating him hid the prescription. 

The complainant said, “Doctor first prescribed a medicine for Dusasana. After giving that medicine to the patient, his chest pain increased. Then the doctor asked me to bring two injections for Dusasana and he (the patient) was administered the injections. The doctor then asked me to take Dusasana home citing it as a case of acidity. On his way home, he lost consciousness. So, I brought him to the hospital again. The doctor, who was treating Dusasana, had left the hospital. The new doctor took the prescription from me after declaring him dead.”

Capital Hospital director Lakhmidhar Sahu said, “The patient was brought to the hospital in the morning. Three doctors checked him phase by phase. He had undergone ECG and the report was normal. It was complained that despite undergoing several tests the patient was not feeling better. The patient’s family members wanted to admit the patient to the hospital but one of the doctors advised them to take him home. Based on the complaint, I have asked the hospital Superintendent to look into the case. We won’t tolerate such negligence and will take stringent action against the doctor who advised the patient’s family to take him home.”

BJP leader Babu Singh said, “Even after the death of the patient, doctors are afraid of revealing the name of the injection and hid the prescription. The director had failed to give a satisfactory reply even though three hours have elapsed to the incident.”