Vikash Sharma

With all the great festivities and divine energy lined up ahead in the month of October, it is time to get maximum benefits.

Expert Tarot reader-Healer-Life Coach Bina Sheth from Divine Bliss Cuttack has come up with detailed readings so that you can receive your guidance.

It’s a collective reading for all sun signs. Take what resonates leave the rest.


You need to execute all your ideas with patience for plans to workout. You might feel frustrated and fall in conflicts due to delays. It will be time for you to get some financial advice from seniors.


Trust your instincts and go with gut feeling. Good time for those involved in arts and creativity. Be careful who you discuss your finances with. Connect spiritually with your inner self as it’s time to accelerate soul growth.


You might feel overloaded with work and might feel you are taken for granted in relationship. Take time out for relationship if you want love in your life. Take professional help to arrange or settle your finances as you might struggle with finances.


Give yourself some space and time to heal. If you need support do not hesitate to ask for as it will be somewhat depressive time for you this month. Lack of communication in relationship might come to point of breakup or divorce. Be careful with your money as chances of cheating are there.


Happy times and positive energy for Leo. Important events coming up to bring positivity in your life. Potential partners to bring joy and happiness. Money flow will be there but expenses will also be more this month.


Be careful of manipulative people around you. Deceitful behaviour possible to cheat you at workplace. Do not play games in relationship or your partner might play games with you so be careful. Do not make risky investments.

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