Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Even as the sensational Tapaswini-Sumit marital discord case is yet to see a happy ending, a similar incident has come to the fore wherein two sisters have staged dharna in front of their in-laws' house in Martha Sahi of Berhampur in Ganjam district.

As per reports, the two sisters, who are married to two brothers in the same family have started their protest today along with their children.

They alleged that they were subjected to torture by their in-laws over family dispute and staged protest in front of their residence with their children demanding justice.

Earlier, Tapaswini Dash had made headlines after she staged dharna in front of her doctor husband Sumit Sahu's residence over marital discord.

In January this year, a woman named Laxmipriya Dalei of Haridas village in Brahmagiri area of Puri district had also launched a protest against her in-laws demanding justice. Dalei had alleged that she was subjected to torture by her in-laws.