Ramakanta Biswas

The Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) in Puri has raised objections on the recommendations made by the National Monuments Authority (NMA) regarding the height of its proposed office building.   

The NMA in its 361st NOC meeting held on September 9, 2022 in Delhi has recommended the SJTA to restrict the height of its office building to 7.50 metres.

“The Authority reiterated its recommendations made in the 335th meeting held on 11.03.2022 advising the applicant to submit a revised plan for construction of Shree Jagannath temple administration (SJTA) Office Building in the regulated area by restricting its height to 7.50 meters (inclusive all). The applicant may submit a revised NOC application to Competent Authority for consideration of NMA,” a copy of the minutes of the meeting read. 

SJTA chief administrator (development) Ajay Jena said the NMA had earlier accorded permission for 12.19 high office building but not granted NOC for 7.5 metres.

“The NMA in its letter dated September 30, 2014 had accorded approval for construction of the SJTA office building with a height of 12.19 metre. Now we want approval for same height of building,” Jena told while briefing the media. 

“On Wednesday, we wrote to the director of culture, Odisha seeking approval for the building of SJTA administrative building at a height of 12.19 metres. The director of culture is our competent authority who recommend our proposals to the NMA. We are hopeful of getting the NOC,” Jena added. 

It can be mentioned here that the NMA in its 361st NOC meeting has accorded NOC for various developmental activities proposed in the prohibited and regulated areas of centrally protected monuments in Puri. 

The authority granted NOC for construction of Shree Jagannatha Reception Centre in the regulated area at a distance of 101.50 meters from the protected monument with a height of 7.50 meters (G+1), inclusive all with the floor area of GF =1365 sqm and FF =1305 sqm and Mezzanine floor = 143 sqm.