Somatirtha Purohit

The incident has been reported at a sub-jail in Karanjia. The prisoners reportedly sell vegetables everyday, but there is no one to keep an eye on them.

The prisoners were sighted roaming in the market freely sometimes by locals. As per reports, a few months ago, a prisoner went for personal work of former jail superintendent, but the prisoner fled.

After the incident, the higher authorities suspended two officials and issued an order to find the prisoner who was awarded life imprisonment. 

Due to excess pressure from the senior to get the job done, an official killed himself. 

When the sub-jail superintendent was asked about the incident, he denied the reports of the prisoners roaming freely at market.

“The prisoners are not roaming freely, they are working at the garden of the jail under the supervision of an official. I restricted them to go out to market” said Karanjia sub-jail superintendent PK Mahalik.

He added, “As we are reeling from staff crunch, only one person was assigned to supervise five prisoners. It is possible when locals have seen the prisoner selling veggies alone, the official might have come inside to check on the other prisoners.”