Cassian Baliarsingh

Bengaluru can be a fun place. From its unpredictable weather to traffic woes, the city is known for unusual happenings. A software engineer working as an auto driver or a roadside food stall owner being a crorepati, you can never judge a Bengalurean by his face. 

A few days after a software engineer working as a Rapido driver went viral, now a Sanskrit-speaking cab driver in Bengaluru has taken the internet by storm. Social media users cannot get enough of his amazing talent. 

Our country, India is a land of many languages. However, a major portion of people speaks Hindi and English. Keeping Hindi and English aside, there are many regional languages as well.


Sanskrit, however, is less heard these days and remains restricted to holy scriptures and priests. But, a cab driver speaking fluent Sanskrit that too in Bengaluru, has left social media users amazed. 

As seen in the video, a passenger in Bengaluru boarded a cab. During casual conversation, he was shocked to learn that the cab driver was so fluent in Sanskrit. The passenger first initiated a conversation with the cab driver in Sanskrit. To his surprise, the man responded in the same language.

As the passenger started recording their conversation, the driver went on to speak confidently in Sanskrit. The cab driver then revealed that he had been speaking the language for about 10 years. With the permission of the cab driver, the passenger shared the video on his social media which is now going viral. 

The 45-second video currently has more than 80k views with many likes and comments. Impressed by his skills, many users expressed their interest to learn the language. 

A lady expressed her wish to learn Sanskrit and commented, "how I wish to learn to speak in fluent Sanskrit."

Another user wrote, “Wow... I thought I had forgotten the language which I learnt in school for 5 years I could understand the conversation!!!"

A woman, who was happy seeing the video, wrote, "Hopeful soothing news amidst all the gloom. May his tribe increase"