Poonam Singh

The word ‘Jail’ is one of the most taboo words for many. In our society, someone who has gone to jail irrespective of not being guilty is seen in a different light than others. But, if your planetary positions in your horoscope are not favourable (Bandhan yog), you may get the bizzare advise to spend night in jail to avoid the “bad karma.”

Now, you need not to worry about going to jail as the jail administration in Uttarakhand's Haldwani has devised a novel way to help people.

You can now stay in jail by paying a trivial fee of Rs 200 per night in the prision in Uttarakhand.

Notably, the Haldwani prison was constructed in 1903 and the former armoury of the prison is now being called house for "jail guests”.

According to the prison's deputy jail superintendent Satish Sukhija, the jail frequently receives "orders" from higher-ups to permit "recommended persons" to stay in the jail barracks for a short period. 

He added that they are treated as "tourist inmates” and provided them with prison clothing and food prepared in the jail kitchen.

According to reports, Haldwani prison is transforming an abandoned section of the grounds into lodging for "tourists" who want to try how it feels to stay in a real jail or people who have been instructed by astrologers to spend time in prison to fend off "Bandhan yog" in their horoscopes, which foretells a period of incarceration.

"All such cases are mainly of people whose astrologers predict that a jail term is inevitable as per the planetary positions in their horoscope. We have an abandoned portion inside the prison that can be developed as a dummy jail to accommodate such 'inmates' for a night for a nominal fee of Rs 500," Sukhija said.

So, if anyone wants to get an experience of staying in a jail or want to ward off his/her “Bandhan yog”, he/she can stay at Haldwani Jail.